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BPH 004 Prioritise (,) Right (,) Now

Wow, audiobookophiles! just WOW! We at Blun House are incredibly proud to bring you something that we have been excited about for longer that we have been excited about anything before in all our thrilling experience of publishing high quality audiobook recordings!

With the roaring success of “Different Drinks” still raoring in their ears, successful success talkthors Theodora van der Beek and Oliver Wallace have sliced clean through the controversy surrounding one of the most anticipated self help audiobook sensations of the year to date and brought us an (audio)tome that (in their own words) “crosses the boundaries of self help, giving it a broader and more powerful relavence than anything previously conceptualised!”

We are of course, as you will have astutely gethered by now, talking about the long awaited…

“Prioritise (,) Right (,) Now” (affectionately know to us in the know as PRN 😉 )

Here at Blun House there has been an overwhelming feeling of burdens falling away, paths straightening, and the faint fog of postmodern dispair lifting from even our generally upbeat minds ever since we heard this powerful new take on, well, everything!

“Not just for the business elite” this recording is set to touch the hearts and minds of small and large people alike and with an infinite myriad of meanings packed even into it’s very title – if you know anyone at all this festive season then look no further for the perfect gift – the gift of the power to help your self!

We we wish each and every one of you a very whole, peaceful and freshly directional Festive Season!


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BHP 001 Different Drinks

The first ever released audiobook recording by Blun House Publishing!

By Theodora van der Beek and Oliver Wallace

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Welcome to Blun House Publishing!!

Welcome to our new website audiobookophiles.

We at Blun House Publishing (or BHP) can’t wait to start to begin bringing you all the hot latest top creme-de-la-creme of the brand new hot-off-the-press audio book productions from such “fly off the (mp3)shelves” talkthors as Theodora Van der Beek etc… and Oliver Wallace.

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