BHP 005 Blue Skies and Blueberry Pies part 1

Boom! Just Boom!

It’s happened Audiobookophiles, Blue Skies and Blueberry Pies, the controversial new Audiobook from avant-garde young talkthors Ruthie Luff and Oliver Wallace has finally struggled past the red tape of audiobook convention and is finally seeing release. We at Blun House are incredibly humbled to say that it is happening right here at BHP.

Now, for some of the stuffy old guard this has been called the worst moment in Audiobook history but for those of us racing ahead into the new media millennium with their eyes peeled wide open for the kind of game changing new thinking that is going to change the whole Audiobook game this is only the beginning!

Literally! Not only does this genre-bending Audiobook deftly deploy such moves as “sound effect chapter titles” and a “theme song” but, not content there, the talkthors have chosen to take yet another zeitgeist transcending decision. They will be joining the hallowed ranks of such great media heroes as Lars von Trier and Quentin Tarantino and splitting the Audiobook into two parts!

The first part released now is a mind expending new media adventure that leaps forward into the New Media Millennium in a nonstop whirlwind of new paradigms. And yet it pulls this off with such panache that it also manages to be a soothing and empowering influence over mind, body and soul, at once challenging and enriching, on one hand invigorating and and on the other enlivening.

With a first part this good we simply can’t wait for part 2, and nor can you! But for now, Audiobookophiles, put on you earphones, sit back and enjoy!


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