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BHP 005 Blue Skies and Blueberry Pies part 1

Boom! Just Boom!

It’s happened Audiobookophiles, Blue Skies and Blueberry Pies, the controversial new Audiobook from avant-garde young talkthors Ruthie Luff and Oliver Wallace has finally struggled past the red tape of audiobook convention and is finally seeing release. We at Blun House are incredibly humbled to say that it is happening right here at BHP.

Now, for some of the stuffy old guard this has been called the worst moment in Audiobook history but for those of us racing ahead into the new media millennium with their eyes peeled wide open for the kind of game changing new thinking that is going to change the whole Audiobook game this is only the beginning!

Literally! Not only does this genre-bending Audiobook deftly deploy such moves as “sound effect chapter titles” and a “theme song” but, not content there, the talkthors have chosen to take yet another zeitgeist transcending decision. They will be joining the hallowed ranks of such great media heroes as Lars von Trier and Quentin Tarantino and splitting the Audiobook into two parts!

The first part released now is a mind expending new media adventure that leaps forward into the New Media Millennium in a nonstop whirlwind of new paradigms. And yet it pulls this off with such panache that it also manages to be a soothing and empowering influence over mind, body and soul, at once challenging and enriching, on one hand invigorating and and on the other enlivening.

With a first part this good we simply can’t wait for part 2, and nor can you! But for now, Audiobookophiles, put on you earphones, sit back and enjoy!


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BPH 004 Prioritise (,) Right (,) Now

Wow, audiobookophiles! just WOW! We at Blun House are incredibly proud to bring you something that we have been excited about for longer that we have been excited about anything before in all our thrilling experience of publishing high quality audiobook recordings!

With the roaring success of “Different Drinks” still raoring in their ears, successful success talkthors Theodora van der Beek and Oliver Wallace have sliced clean through the controversy surrounding one of the most anticipated self help audiobook sensations of the year to date and brought us an (audio)tome that (in their own words) “crosses the boundaries of self help, giving it a broader and more powerful relavence than anything previously conceptualised!”

We are of course, as you will have astutely gethered by now, talking about the long awaited…

“Prioritise (,) Right (,) Now” (affectionately know to us in the know as PRN 😉 )

Here at Blun House there has been an overwhelming feeling of burdens falling away, paths straightening, and the faint fog of postmodern dispair lifting from even our generally upbeat minds ever since we heard this powerful new take on, well, everything!

“Not just for the business elite” this recording is set to touch the hearts and minds of small and large people alike and with an infinite myriad of meanings packed even into it’s very title – if you know anyone at all this festive season then look no further for the perfect gift – the gift of the power to help your self!

We we wish each and every one of you a very whole, peaceful and freshly directional Festive Season!

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BHP 003 Heated Celeb Discussion from Elise

Hello again Audiobookophiles,

We at Blun House are extremely excited that while our talented talkthors are slaving away over the hot stove of audiobook talkthorship, heated discussions that have been hotly raging over the upcoming audiobook recording “Prioritise (,) Right (,) Now” all over the new media – verse.

For this episode of the podcast we are bringing some of the new media fury straight to you hot off the press.

Fiery East Londoner and venue resident Elise (known simply as Elise) gives us her scorching opinions.

Intrigued by the isssues set to be tackled in PRN and especially by the talkthor’s concept of “now” she predicts that PRN will have a touching impact on “anyone who is willing to listen”…

Well don’t forget to join the debate and leave some comments, we are always excited to hear what you have to say, for example we have used a more “heavily edited” style in this episode of the podcast and we sould love to know what you all think of it…

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BHP 002 Celeb Endorsement from Camilla Brown

Here is an extra bonus episode for especially for the podcast listeners and listeners on our website or soundcloud!

Here is the full length endorsement from london based DJ collective member and New York resident Camilla Brown the well known memeber of DJ collective “La Provocative” * who was bowled over by the quality of our first audiobook recording “Different Drinks” to the extent that she agreed to give it her personal endorsement and gave it “10/10” which really is something!

Plus this gives a glimer of things to come with Camilla giving a secret sneak peak preview of upcoming audiobook recording title “Prioritise (,) Right (,) Now”

*If you havent already “caught the wave” check out “La Pro” (as they like to be called) on facebook:

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BHP 001 Different Drinks

The first ever released audiobook recording by Blun House Publishing!

By Theodora van der Beek and Oliver Wallace

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